Wooden craft decorations for children's room

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Why choose les creations en bois de maryline?

Decorations for children's room in poplar wood of quality and to measure
• A wide choice of articles
• Secure payment
• Customizing your decorations
• For any questions, a response assured during the day
• A work 100% handmade by us
• A large selection of personalized baby gift idea with baby's first name
Customizable wooden craft decorations to finalize the decoration of nursery, baby and home.

Birth gift ideas to offer to parents for the arrival of baby.
Gifts for a birthday, a baptism, Christmas.
The creations in wood of maryline offers you a wide choice of customizable item.

Unique creations made by framing qualities that you will not find anywhere else.

If you do not find what you are looking for, click on the contact page we will customize your decoration to the color and theme of your choice.

All our wooden decorative objects for children are made with care and meticulousness.
Wooden letter for child's first name
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The wooden letters to make the name of your child are fixed on a bedroom door, on the wall or can also be used as a letter to ask on a piece of furniture, a bedside table or a shelf. These decorative letters to constitute the first name of your child are customizable to the color and with the pattern of your choice.

We offer a whole range of decorative wooden letters for girl, boy and baby
Child name plate
 child's name plate, door plate, child's name plate, child's room decoration, personalized name plat
Our nameplates for child name are available oval, heart, star or cloud.
These child nameplates are customizable to your child's color and name.A unique and personal decorative doorplate engraved with your child's first name for girl, boy and baby
First name in attached letters
 first name in letters attached, first name child in wood, first name in wood,
Find our full range of names in decorative wood.
The first name in attached letters is decorated with a motif on each side of the first name.

The decorative wooden name will be an original gift but especially unique for the child.

A name adorned with flowers, butterflies, hearts or stars, les creations en bois de maryline offers a range of pretty names in wood.

A birth, baptism, birthday gift idea that will be sure to please!
To buy a decorative name in wood give us the name and the desired color of the letters.
Decorative wooden lighting

Modern and chic lamp
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Our wooden decorative lamps for children's room and for your interior are customizable to the motive of your choice.

The decorative bedside lamp will brighten up your child's room to reassure them at night while decorating the day! Our indoor lighting can also be used as a mood lamp to put in the living room or in the room you want. nice natural wood lighting will bring a beautiful light of warm, soft and subdued atmosphere.

For young and old alike, an artisanal luminaire with original shapes with fairies, butterflies, flowers and many other motifs. Quality wooden luminaries created and manufactured by the designer lescreationsenboisdemaryline
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Les creations en bois de Maryline
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